Friday, February 3, 2012

The Internet Gods Are Not Kind

So, for those of you who pay attention to dates, you'll notice this blog and the first one are dated for the same day. To put a long story short, I did a stupid and deleted the previous blog, but not before copying it and finally repasting it. But it's a boring story, so I'll spare you.

On the other hand, I'm trying to get a feel for where to go with this thing. I think I'm going to make it some kind of project - blog every day for a year or some such. But right now, like an eunuch in a whorehouse, it lacks purpose.

I guess I'll just talk about my day... (overwhelming sense of self-emasculation).

Dear fucking diary,

Today, after Heat Transfer class, I was really hungry and really lazy. So I went home and, instead of fixing anything one might call an actual meal, I opened a thing of canned ham my mom had sent back with me after my most recent visit. Needless to say, canned ham is about as good as it sounds. An eighty-year-old prostitute with an over-developed meth addiction looks better than how my stomach felt. I skipped my second class. However, after a few hours, I felt a little better, manned up, and attended my last two classes of the day. Then I came home and ate the rest of the canned ham.

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