Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Blog Titles

Wow. I'm a typing maniac tonight! For anyone paying attention, I had posted two blogs tonight. It's one of my less hooker-ridden rants. However, because the undertaking of that blog is larger than Marlon Brando's ass on a C-5 Galaxy, I've decided to move it into an entirely separate blog. You can read it here:

Today, I figured I'd talk about my blog titles. Maybe it's vanity, but I really like them. One of my favorite things to do is come up with names for things. Maybe that's why some religions and people don't practice using protection. They just have an addiction to the baby naming book. But my blog titles might be confusing for some people. I'll just talk about the two blog titles as opposed to the numerous post titles.

My Life and Ice Cream is a title I came up with years ago when I tried something like a blog, but it was just more of something to share on a social site. I LOVE ice cream. I don't buy it often, but I will devour it like Fatty Arbuckle on the last chicken wing. Bet you thought there was going to be a reference to hookers devouring unmentionables. Well, now there is! So, the idea is that I'd be a very sad person if there was no ice cream. It would actually be traumatizing for me. So, ice cream is sort of an integral part of my life. It just seems fitting for a blog that more or less is about me. Yay vanity!

100 Proof Jesus is what I'm titling a work in progress. The original idea was to write a long blog detailing arguments for and against religion and anti-religion. More appropriately, theism and atheism. The concept quickly turned into much more. I thought I could do it in two posts, but I think it's important to view the (shit, hooker reference - sorry, getting carried away with being serious) applications of logic and debate for this purpose. There's proper ways to debate subjects and I intend to highlight bad forms of debate, arguing, and fallacies commonly used today in a debate or argument. The title is self-descriptive, like scabies on a two-dollar whore, if not a little misleading. It isn't really about proving Jesus, but more about examining the possibilities of God - or a god. The 100 proof part is an alcohol reference and pun. Proof of the possibilities and 100 proof, at that. Because we know that 100 proof is only 50%. I'm not sure why they use proof instead of percentage, but my guess is one of two things. One, it's a marketing gimmick to make it sound more potent. Two, it came about during prohibition as a clever way of marking and disguising alcohol. I just made that shit up. I suppose I could Google it...

I think I'll start introducing "fun pic of the day" with my blogs. Sort of a "moment of Zen" thing.

Fun pic o' the day:


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