Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Can Collector

Another day, another blog. I guess this is becoming a personal challenge to me. If you've ever tried to write a daily blog, it's actually kind of annoying. Especially when you have anti-social tendencies in the first place.

Anyway, trash day here is Thursdays. Last week, I put my recycling out the day before and not long after, I found a guy digging all the cans out of it. So, I helped him. Yeah, I think going through people's recycling is a crime. So, this week, I put all my cans in bags and laid them on top so the guy can just grab them and go. I guess that was my good deed for the year.

But on to more interesting matters. Today, while driving to class, some jackass starts blowing his horn at an intersection like a Vietnamese prostitute trying to make a quick twenty bucks. I had my window down, so the noise was super-effective on me. Then I heard the asshole yelling, "Hey!" to his friend that he saw while driving. Okay, I can tolerate the whole honk-to-say-hi thing sometimes, but make it short staccato honks and, for the love of not being a total douche, DON'T do it at a fucking intersection!

So, it prompted me to come up with this pie graph. And yeah, I realize it's the internet so someone probably already made this one, but dammit, I made it myself, so fucking enjoy.

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